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Union Benefits

Your Retirement and Your Health Benefits are part of what your Union does for you. Many people across America spend their whole lives working and have nothing to show for it. You can look forward to a pension.

Every pay period, employers contribute money into your pension account as negotiated in Your Contract. Over time, the money adds up. Each company has different rules about the amount of money contributed, how many years you have to work, and how old you have to be before you can retire and collect your pension.

Most members of Local 63 are covered by the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan. The Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan is now on-line.

The Western Conference of Teamsters (WCT) Pension Plan was established in 1955 through collective bargaining between labor and management. Today your Plan is the largest area-wide multiemployer pension plan in the United States. It covers 200,000 active participants through pension agreements negotiated by local unions with more than 1,600 employers predominantly in 13 Western states

Some members are covered by employer pension plans. For details on your pension, contact your Business Agent.

Other Retiree Plans Include:

TEAMStar Medicare Supplement Program TEAMStar Retiree Health Plan is a supplemental Medicare insurance program designed to protect Teamster retirees, their spouses and their surviving spouses from skyrocketing out-of-pocket health care costs. Program advantages include: "

  • Freedom to choose your own doctors and hospitals no provider lists.
  • "Automatic Claims Filing Plus virtually eliminates paperwork. "
  • Nationwide availability available in all 50 states and District of Columbia. "
  • Competitive group rates not available to the general public.

To join, call 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ET, 1-800-808-3239 Click here for more detials

Health Benefits

Many working people can't afford to get sick. Visits to the doctor can be expensive. A single night in the hospital can wipe out a family's savings. Members don't have these worries because every Union Contract contains medical benefits. (Every Contract is different, so ask your Business Agent for particulars.)


· You have medical, dental and prescription drug coverage
· You are covered for doctor's visits and hospital stays
· Your health coverage is among the best in the nation
Insured by Southwest Administrators?
· Field Representatives are available. Call your local Union office for details.
· Members can call with questions or problems or come by the office for a private consultation
· Or call their office at (626) 859-4005 (Covina) or 909-877-4760 (Rialto)
· Visit their web site,

Teamsters Miscellaneous Security Trust Fund

· Southern California's largest Teamster Trust Fund is now on-line. You can access Kaiser, Health Net and PacifiCare direct, as well as Vision Service Plan, PacifiCare Behavorial Health, Chiropractic, and Podiatry providers
· You can also download forms and stay up-to-date on plan changes
· Visit their web site at:

Contact your Business agent for details about your eligibilty and coverage.

Other Benefits

  • The Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund is a charitable 501(c)3 developed in 1991 to assist Teamster members who have suffered a loss from a disaster long after the media has forgotten. The fund receives donations from local unions and their affiliates and is currently developing a fundraising plan to support our efforts in providing relief when disaster strikes.
  • Human Rights Commission
  • James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Teamster Job Bank
  • Member Benefits and Discounts
  • Teamsters Store
  • Teamster Vacations
  • The Teamsters-National 401(k) Savings Plan is an example of Teamsters using their combined buying power to negotiate valuable programs and services for members. Under the laws governing 401(k) plans, before a member can join, an employer must agree to participate. The Plan's trustees—one-half from the union and one-half from participating employers—monitor and direct the services provided by this plan. It is a qualified 401(k) plan that lets you deduct a portion of your salary and save it in an investment account. And, it is governed by ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act), which protects plan participants.

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